As a child growing up I hated to read anything. I knew how to read, but I only read what I really had to. I thought that school was a big waste of time and I knew I could be doing other things.

Boy how wrong I was. I went in the Navy when I was 18 and learned how to actually read for Work and then for pleasure. I found out that if I applied myself I could learn anything from a book. I learned all about computers, the internet, creating websites, etc. all from reading.

I love to take a good book and just crawl into it. I probably could read for days if there weren’t other things that I needed to get done.

One day out of the blue I started to put some words on paper about a fictional story I was thinking about and found that I sure could write some short stories. I sent then to family and friends and they all seemed to like them. I also decided to share my Stories with people via the internet

Since I had my own place on the internet I also thought that I would put my stories there. On this website you can find stories that I have written along with ones from other people. If I know who wrote something I will give them credit. You will also be able to find White Papers and Technical Articles along with stories and jokes that I have received from the internet.

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