About John

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey until he was 18 Years old. At which time I decided to enter the Navy in July 1969. He spent over twenty years traveling the world and protecting the country he loves so much. John retired from the Navy in July 1999.

As a child in school I never liked to read never mind write, but as time went on learned to do both. In the Navy during the long trips at sea away from home he was able to fill the time reading a lot. He grew to love to get into the story of a good book. There were always paperbacks available to read and you bring as many as you can fit and trade them after you are done.

One he started to read he thought it would be really great to write a story or eventually a book. It seems he never had the time to sit down and put his thoughts on paper. While working at a company in 1999 and he met a woman who went to the same High School that he did. They didn’t know each other in school and a lot of years have passed, but they got to be very good friends. One day on a flight to Dallas they were talking about wanting to write stories and she said that he should “Just Do It”. She was a pretty smart woman and he took her advice.

The first story was written "The Christmas Bear". The Book was published in December 2017.

Over the years he has written a number short stories, many which have been published. These stories have been provided for your reading pleasure